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This event was held on 2020.09.21 (Mon).

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09.21 (Mon) ⇨ 09.28 (Mon) | Online Streaming


  • date_range 2020/09/21 (Mon) 19:00 - 2020/09/28 (Mon) 22:00
  • grade Visual

With their new album “ABRACADABRA” set for release on 21 September, BUCK-TICK will be live streaming their first performance in 30 years.
In May and June, BUCK-TICK’s exclusive tour for fan club / mobile members was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To reach their fans as soon as possible, the band members have decided to live stream songs from their new album.
The live stream will be a unique experience for the audience, as it will include never before seen content such as interview footage with members.
The day of the stream coincides with the band’s debut date, which is sure to make the evening extra special.

*Recording of the live event is prohibited. By purchagsing this ticket, you will be forced to cover any loss if you upload any recordings illegually.
*In order to stream this live event, every staff memeber takes an extra care to prevent the spread of virus.
*Ticket can be purchased at ZAIKO.
*To watcht this live event, you will need a ZAIKO account.
*Streaming URL is valid exclusively for the ZAIKO account used to purchase the ticket.
*Sharing the streaming URL will not enable others to watch the live event.
*During the show, it will play from the point you join the streaming. Rewind will not be available.
*Viewer is required to have a high speed internet connectivity. Depending on the bandwidth, the streaming quality may decrease. The organiser nor ZAIKO will take no responcisibility for trouble due to the viewing environment.
*Viewer has to cover any network fees due to the data usage.
*Watching the live streaming will require large amount of data usage. It is recommended to connect your device to Wi-Fi or LAN.
*There will be archive available for this live event.
*Please note that the ticket is no refundable.
*This live event will be shown on Vimeo - please make sure you can play a video on Vimeo before purchasing the ticket.
*Recommended viewing environment.
[Smatphone or Tablet device]
iOS 11.0 or higher (Latest version of Safati)
Android OS 5.0 or higher (Latest version of Google Chrome)
Windows 10 or higher / Mac OSX 10.9 or higher (with latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge or Firefox)
Before purchasing the ticket, please make sure you have any of above recommended viewing environment.
Please also check your device and software for defects.
Customer Support team will not be able to assist troubles based on anything other than above environment.
◇For further information regards to "Terms of Service", "Recommended viewing environment" and "Network environment" please visit ZAIKO for the latest.

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